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myQ Pet Portal

Smart Dog Door Technology

Safely let your pet out to potty and play when you’re not home.


myQ products, services and partnerships not available in all countries and international regions.

It’s time for a smart home upgrade with smart dog door technology.

You’re not alone in your quest to find ways to help you and your pup feel less anxious and more fulfilled while you’re away.

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By the end of 2020, 71 Million households own pets.*

Smart community access


80% of owners feel guilty leaving their pet at home.*

Smart community access


49% of pet owners seek tech that saves time on pet care.*

* stats from Packaged Facts market research and DogVacay survey


Designed for the modern pet home.

Be the best pet parent you can be without sacrificing your home’s carefully curated style. Unlike conventional retrofit pet doors, the myQ Pet Portal goes virtually unnoticed - visitors, passersby and pesky squirrels won’t even realize it’s there.


A smarter way to parent.

Safely give your furry family member the freedom and autonomy to take care of his most basic need. Get Daily Reports on Fido’s comings and goings with customized alerts and preferences.


Smart home technology you can trust.

Built on a legacy of reliable and secure access, myQ opens the door to another life enriching experience - the unrivaled freedom for you and your fur baby to move seamlessly throughout your day. Let your dog come and go, so you can sit and stay with peace of mind.

Customized for you and your dog.

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The myQ Pet Portal comes integrated in a select offering of Kolbe doors with material and color options to fit pet parents’ home aesthetics.

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The Key to your dogs freedom is a custom Bluetooth collar sensor that works in concert with the Pet Portal door and app.

Smart community access


“I believe what sets the myQ Pet Portal apart from other dog doors on the market is the fact that it offers convenience, safety, and security all in one solution.”

Brittany McArdell, Owner/Trainer North Paws Canine Services

Pet Portal FAQ

Designed to be a replacement for an existing exterior door, the myQ Pet Portal comes integrated in a select offering of Kolbe doors.

A hidden smart-panel allows pets to move safely in and out to go potty and play. 

Two built-in cameras offer live video streaming and 2-way communication through the myQ Pet Portal app so parents can stay connected to pets while away and have peace of mind they and their dog have freedom to move seamlessly throughout their day.

The Pet Portal combines an elevator style electro-mechanical opening mechanism, a custom Bluetooth sensor that works in concert with the motor, and protective sensors for safe passage and automatic lock for security. 

The experience is managed via the myQ Pet Portal app. When set to Automatic mode the system will recognize when the dog is near the door, prompting it to open automatically so the pet can enter and exit when she needs to. Or choose the By Request mode, and receive an alert through the app when the pet is by the door and can grant access to the pet via smartphone anytime, from anywhere.

Additionally, two cameras, one on each side of the door, allow the parent to visually confirm within the app, when their dog comes and goes, and even talk with the pet via 2-way audio.

Lead time varies based on your region, installer availability and selected product. Average production time ranges from 14-16 weeks.

The myQ Pet Portal is available in the US only.

Select regions may not have installer coverage, in which case contractor referrals are accepted from the homeowner.

At this time we are unable to install in coastal regions requiring impact ratings for doors.

Where traditional retrofit dog doors can leave your home exposed to the elements, pesky critters, and other unwanted guests, the Pet Portal has the following features to give pet parents peace of mind:

Designed with home security, pet safety and a wide range of dog sizes in mind, the myQ Pet Portal works for dogs as small as 10 lbs. up to 90 lbs. and includes safety sensors to ensure safe passage.

Uniquely assigned myQ Pet Portal Sensor worn on the dog’s collar ensures that the cat won’t try to escape. 

An auto-close (when using Automatic mode)  and lock system triggers after your pet traverses the opening for security and helps ensure no “tailgating” takes place by the neighborhood raccoon. 

Two-way camera and audio that enables real-time and recorded viewing of a pet’s comings and goings so you can see what is happening at all times. 

The experience is managed via the myQ Pet Portal app where pet parents can customize alerts and preferences for how Fido can enter/exit the portal.

We'll match you with a local certified installer to complete an on-site measurement and provide a detailed installation quote based on your home.

The door must be powered to a nearby interior outlet. The wiring is routed through the door frame and then concealed. Discuss your preferred option to conceal the wiring during the onsite measurement appointment.

Installation typically takes less than a day.

Installation Fee paid separately, varies based on selected product and site inspection.

The Collar Sensor is IP 64 rated, so it’s water resistant and will work in all kinds of weather but it is not waterproof. When your pet is at the pool, beach or bath, remove the collar sensor and keep it safe and dry, as you would for a key fob.

Yes, if you have multiple dogs (and even cats) you can still use the myQ Pet Portal, by giving each pet his or her own sensor. You can create separate profiles for each pet in your myQ Pet Portal app, and customize their access modes individually. One myQ Pet Portal Sensor is already included in your purchase of the myQ Pet Portal system, and additional sensors can be purchased separately.

The myQ Pet Portal is for the dog parent who goes the extra mile to make sure their pup’s needs are met. It is the only no-compromise solution for the homeowner who wants to enhance the exterior appearance of his home while providing the four-legged member of the family with the freedom to potty and play on demand. This solution helps relieve anxiety and solves a universal problem all pet parents experience - the need to easily and safely let their pooch out to potty or play when they are away from home. It’s for every pet parent who has felt that guilt in the bottom of their stomach when they haven’t made it home in time to walk their dog.

The myQ Pet Portal is the newest addition to the myQ Smart Access Ecosystem. Today, millions use myQ to control, secure and monitor important home access points (i.e. garage) and they will now be able to use myQ smart access to tend to their pet’s basic needs. 

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